Kootenai Falls and The Swinging Bridge in The Spring

This waterfall hike is one of my favorite hikes. When you leave the Bed & Breakfast travel north to the light and turn right. After about 15 minutes you will be in the beautiful state of Montana. Travel through Troy and you will see a pull out on the left of the highway with cars and a sign for the Kootenai Falls and Swinging Bridge. It is fairly easy, child friendly and the views are spectacular. We have done this hike several times and each time I notice something new. Every season brings a new falls.

These photos are from our spring hike to the falls and swinging bridge. I have talked briefly about the hike and the falls but the bridge is where the fun is. I am personally terrified of heights. Not a fan. Like at all! But I did go across this bridge and since we went in the spring there is actually a new more safe swinging bridge in its place. The view from the middle of the bridge is lovely and once across the bridge you can access a fun beach where you can play. We didn’t go down to the beach this time but plan to in the future.

This is definitely a great hike to do. Once you finish here if you still want to go for a drive and see more sites you can head to highway 2 and see Ross Creek Cedars and take the loop back around through Sandpoint and back to our Bed and Breakfast.

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