Our Story

Back in July 2018, Frank and Jerri Duarte set out to find a retirement property where they could build the home of their dreams. They stayed at a cute little bed and breakfast and learned from the owners that it was for sale. Frank couldn’t stop thinking about what a fun adventure this little bed and breakfast could be. He called his son-in-law Eric and his daughter Corina and asked if he would be willing to run the place if they bought it.

A couple weeks later Eric, Corina and their kids had a road trip they had planned to Coeur d’Alene and Silverwood Theme Park. While on vacation they checked out the bed and breakfast and just fell in love with not only the charming schoolhouse but also the town!

Fast forward to April 2019 we moved up to Bonners Ferry to open up the bed and Breakfast. We opened Easter Weekend and never looked back. Since opening we have had the pleasure to serve in our wonderful community, get to know guests from all around the world and explore our beautiful surroundings.

This blog is an extension to our website were you can get a fun glimpse into not only what this area has to offer but also some behind the scenes goofiness as we navigate this crazy life. We are so glad you came along for our adventure.

Published by Northside Sweethearts

This blog is about the Sweethearts of Northside School Bed & Breakfast. Here we show our adventures and our sweets. You'll get a deeper look at the backside of our wonderful area.

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